FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

How Do I Purchase A Membership From The MedExams Prep?

Any of our products offered can be purchased from Medexams Prep with payment due in full at time of purchase via credit card or debit card. In order to purchase any product from MedExams Prep you need to register for an account. Once you have registered for an account or if you already have an account:

  • Login to your account with your login details.
  • Click on the cart icon at the top of the page and then select view for your preferred product to view a list of available subscriptions, combination packages and their costs.
  • Click on Buy next to the subscription and time period you desire to purchase
  • Verify that the right product is in your cart and click Checkout
  • Please evaluate the Profile, Billing, and Payment information to make sure that it has all been entered correctly and click Review Order
  • A confirmation page will be shown on the final page. You have to click Place Order to finalize your purchase
  • A purchase receipt will automatically be sent to your registered email address. If you accomplish your purchase but do not receive a receipt, please contact Support.

What Type Of Payment(S) Do You Acknowledge?

  • You can subscribe to any of our online course/services using a credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard.
  • You can also subscribe via personal check, money order, or demand drafts
  • Please send the payment(s) to the address in the contact us section.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

  • No refunds are permissible.
  • Refunds are not considered

Can I Have Access to Sample Questions?

We offer free demonstration of our sample Questions for MRCP1, MRCS1 and NEET. After Setting up an Account you can have an access to sample of the product interface and a few sample questions.

How Can I Get A Copy Of My Payment Receipt?

Please login to your account on our website using your registered username and password combination. Under My Account page, click on Billing to get your purchase receipts. You may then evaluate or print the receipts from this page.

Is The Personal Information That I Provide Secure?

The subscriber’s personal information that they provide is highly secure and the credit/debit card information will not be saved after processing the transaction.

When and how does my Subscription to a Course Begin and End?

For The Knowledge of Customers, All new subscriptions begin straight away from the time they are activated. Once Started it cannot be paused or suspended for any reason and will run continuously for the duration of said course material till it Ends. All of our subscriptions are based according to the Indian Time Zone which may be different than your local time zone.

When do I Access My Subscription?

It may take some time . Mostly the Activation should occur within 24 hours of your Purchase. In case of multiple courses Purchased you must activate each of them individually via your account on our website.

How To activate and/or access a subscription:

To activate and/or access a subscription:

  • Login with your login details
  • Click on the Activate button linked with the course you desire to activate
  • Click on the Launch button for the course you want to access (you may need to refresh the page in order to see the launch button)

Can I Retrieve The Username And Password When I Forget It?

Ordinarily You Should Keep your Details Preserved.

If you are not able to find the login recovery email (or no longer have access to the originally registered email address), Please contact: query@medexamsprep.com for additional help.

For the Benefit of Customer and security reasons, we do not discuss account/subscription related details via a non-registered email address

How Often Is The Course Material Updated/Added?

The Online Study material is continuously updated. This is done to ensure latest information to be provided to Students about Latest Innovations, Latest Drugs, Latest Interventions and Latest Diagnostic Techniques, new scientific discoveries, in addition to adapting to the changes in the content and format of the examination if any. Continuous Updating of Matter, Content is done automatically.

Is the MedexamsPrep Self-Assessment Exams Helpful :

The Medexams Prep Self Assessment Exam helps you to Prepare for these Examinations Specifically and the matter is in line with the Examinations. These Self tests help you prepare for the examinations and give you a feel of Actual Examinations. These Assessments help a student in assessing his/her relative strengths and weaknesses in different subjects and systems. The questions asked in the Self-Assessment Exam are similar to the Exams Themselves but are not the same as the Question Bank questions.

What is the Time for My Self Assessment Exam Test Blocks?

From Our Experience we have found that a Student is comfortable in taking one Test of 50 Questions at a time. He can take Multiple Exams One after Other and it is hid Discretion to attempt any number of exams as he/she wishes. The software is designed to have test blocks timed at 50 minutes.

Are the Questions of Different Examinations Same?

The Questions for Different Examinations are different. They are suited specifically for different Examinations. There may be a general Benefit of Gaining Concept but on the whole a Student Appearing for a Particular Examination Should Attempt specific Examination.

How Do I benefit the Maximum?

By purchasing New Subscriptions you won’t benefit much. Although the Types of Questions can be Different and the Questions are Randomized, You can get similar questions.

Due to Randomness in the System we cannot give you an Exact Figure. You can however purchase a new subscription instantly under a different account/username.

Can I Save My Subscription Content Or Print The Material?

The Question Bank and Explanatory Matter is a Property of MedExams Prep.

Any form of copying, screens capture, Printing; saving of MedExams Prep Question Bank materials is strictly prohibited.

We have an Effective monitoring system and any unauthorised attempts to use system commands or third party utilities to capture/print/save/copy our content is considered copyright infringement and violation of Terms and Conditions.

Anyone found indulging in Illegal Activity would be subject to a legal discourse. Our Systems Monitor all user Activity any in case of any deviation, action in the form of account suspension, termination, and/or legal action.

All of our subscriptions are available for online use only. Any print copies or offline copies of MedExams Prep are unauthorized reproductions and are considered illegal. 2020-2021